Key Publications

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This direct coupling of ESTASI MS with IEF gel separation improves the detection sensitivity compared with the classic Coomassie Brilliant Blue staining, where small amounts of target proteins or peptides as low as 20 ng or 1 ng, respectively, in a band are detectable.


ESTASI-MS has been used as a quantitative technique for small molecules analysis in different beverages.  The quantified values are all aligned with the ones reported by manufactures. This new ambient ionization method can be used for fast and high-throughput quantification of different compounds in samples of interest.

384-well plate ESTASI-MS is as powerful as standard direct infusion ESI-MS in the analysis of small organic molecules, peptides and proteins, while it can provide much higher throughput and lower sample consumption in analysis.


Paper ESTASI-MS yields a rapid fingerprinting characterization of perfume fragrances, avoiding time-consuming sample-preparation steps, and thereby performing a rapid screening in a few seconds. Paper ESTASI-MS is a high-throughput method for perfume
analysis, compared with direct-infusion ESI-MS, as it avoids  time-consuming cleaning steps.

ESTASI MSI requires little sample

preparation and  can find many applications in chemical and biochemical analysis and current developments are targeted to
the imaging of biological tissues, which includes the optimization of the solution delivered by the wetting capillary for the
extraction of specific analytes with high sensitivity and the improvement of the spatial resolution by modifying or replacing
the microfluidic devices.